Eyetracking-Gipfel in Chicago

Auf der ICA-Jahrestagung in Chicago bestreite ich mit Kollegen aus Bremen, Lund, St. Petersburg und Trier eine Session zum Thema Blickaufzeichnung in der Medienforschung. Titel: „What You See is What You Get? Applying Eye-Tracking Methodology in Visual Communication Research“. Der Abstract zum Panel ist viel versprechend:

„This panel brings the leading international teams in the field of eye-tracking research together to present and discuss their varying approaches, methods, tools as well as research questions and designs. Thus, the panel presents a glimpse into the state of the art of international research on cognitive and affective processes in perceiving visuals. A particular focus will be placed on the perception and the measurement of eye movements while reading the newspaper or perceiving press photographs, concentrating on print and online media.“

Das Programm im Einzelnen:

  • Seeing is Believing? Methodological Considerations and Complications in Combining Eye-Tracking With Other Methods Researching Visuals – Arvid Kappas (Jacobs U – Bremen), Marion G. Mueller (Jacobs U – Bremen), Bettina Olk (Jacobs U Bremen)
  • EyeTracking the News: The Report of EyeTrack 07A Study of Print and Online Reading – David D. Stanton (Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Fl.)
  • Myths and Truths About Readers’ Interaction With Complex Visual Documents – Jana Holsanova (Lund University, Sweden), Kenneth Holmqvist (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Audience Research and Multimodality: What Eye Tracking Reveals about Newspaper Reading – Hans-Juergen Bucher (Universität Trier, Germany), Jana Holsanova (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Illuminating Blind Spots in Visual Perception: Combining Gestalt Principles and Eyetracking Patterns to Explain Perception of Online and Printed Media – Peter Schumacher (U of Trier)

Also: Am Samstag ab 15 Uhr im Marriott Chicago, Room Belmont.

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